​​Can I go snorkeling at Kata Beach?

The best time to snorkel kata beach is between December and late May when the sea is calm and the water is flat with good visibility

There is a really nice shallow water reef at the northern end of Kata beach, this is where you will find nice easy snorkeling from the beach.
You can also snorkel off the rocks at the south end of Kata Beach.you can buy or rent snorkeling sets from our main shop located at the north access road to kata beach

Unfortunately between June and November months some days you wont be able to snorkel kata beach due to waves at the beach making conditions unsuitable, however having said that there are is a small possibility during these months that the seas could calm down on the odd day this happens very seldom please note that the rips can be quite strong, and red flags may highlight if its unsafe.

Things to see while snorkeling

The reefs have an abundance of divers marine life making it easy to spot them small and large reef fish populate this small dense reef meaning you will encounter a divers collection of marine habitats. Its common to see rays and sea turtles.

Please contact us if you need any help with equipment..