Snorkeling For Non Swimmers

Snorkeling in phuket

Can I snorkel as a non swimmer or beginner without being able to swim?

The short answer is yes but you need to look at the limitations and equipment to understand safety. It would be pretty uncomfortable for a first time non swimmer to book a trip and be expected to jump into the water without any practice or instruction.

Essentially, snorkeling is a surface activity You don’t even really go entirely under water. The equipment you need to wear a snorkel, mask and fins if you cant swim you also need a floatation device (snorkeling vest or snorkeling jacket that assist your buoyancy.

The snorkeling jacket or vest helps non swimmers stay afloat at the surface making snorkeling easier than swimming as you use less energy it’s easier to keep your body horizontal and straight, and you can breathe easy from the snorkel freely. You use the fins to kick and help you move forward so it makes you into a surface swimmer that is almost as efficient as a good swimmer doing the crawl.

While snorkeling if you take your head out of the water ans stop kicking your feet will probably drop lower than your waist so then its easier to be upright.

The biggest challenge for all beginners is to beat the fear of water and gain confidence, this is best wit a coach taking lessons this way you gain confidence faster.

When it comes to snorkeling for beginners its best that you try the equipment on before you go out on the boat to make sure it fits correctly before you book your snorkeling trip in phuket,. It would also be wise to choose  for your snorkeling experience as a non swimmer a shallow water location with no currents and good visibility.

The best masks for snorkeling for beginners are the “full face” snorkeling masks these are ideal for non swimmers as they dont require you to breath through a snorkel so you have little chances of sipping water

We have many options for masks and snorkel equipment available especially designed for non swimmers as well as a short 2 hour lesson where you learn easy to follow snorkeling tips and secrets from our instructors

  • How to relax and keep calm while using masks and snorkels this can take as little as 10 minutes to build up your confidence even if you cant swim or have never snorkeled before
  • How to defog, clean, and clear a mask for you snorkeling trip in phuket
  • We can take you from a non swimmer with anxiety or fear on a memorable first time snorkeling experience that’s if your willing.